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We will meet again
in Germany 2010
and in Netherlands 2001 !


Many thanks to all sponsors, organisers and participants!

Everyone is winner!


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Wait till the event!



Bologna Spaghetti,
soft drink

Fruit soup,
Slice in crumbs with boiled rice mixed with green peas,

Grilled chicken breast, potato with vegetables,
leavened cucumber preserve


The team startlist will be decided during the teamleaders meeting.


It will be held in the big tent in front of the Stadium from half past seven to ten o'clock in the evening of Friday.

We ask all teamleaders to send how many member of their team will take part in, and how many vegetarians are between them.

Menu A:
charged drumstick or grilled pork with rosted potato, salad, soft drink

Menu B (vegetarian):
charged mushroom, cheese in crumbs with rosted potato, salad, soft drink

Received dinner request

Keeping of dogs

It is not forbidden to keep the dogs inside the Stadium.
But the stand part of the Stadium is very small, so we do ask all competitiors to keep their dog in the dog tent outside in the park.
All country will have a room in the dog tent for their own dogs.
The tent will be saved by guards and nobody can get inside without credit cards.
Please bring your dog cage.

Please use the special filds marked with title if your dog need......

We ask everyone to take care of clean inside and outside of Stadium.


Teamleaders meeting

It will be held in the Sport Hall after demonstration, about 19,00 o'clock on Thursday.
We are waiting for teamleaders and an interpreter from each country. The room is small so we ask you no more person invited.

The goal of this meeting to inform you about the special rules and many other important iformation of this competition. We fix all entry dates together again.
We introduce the judges

Dera teamleaders please bring the following things with yourself;

- A copy of entry fee payment.
- The workbooks, if you want to regist the results.
- A national flag. (big enough).
- The team members list - in start order.

We will giving the Credit cards and lunch tickets.
We will find out the International teams together.
We will giving the startlist for the first and second day.




From 25 of May 2009 the official site of Junior Championship can be available from Internet Terminal of
Mc Donalds restaurants in Hungary.
You can send official greeting card by these terminals.
We hope this supply by Prakticomp Ltd will work in many other countries too.



From 25 of May 2009 the site is available on address too. Faster!!



The competition will be held on artificial grass! Clikk here to have a look at it!



After each courses we will publish the results and give the price of run.
Only the counted results will belong for the final celebration.



Speedways in Hungary

The Hungarian speedways are payed.

Actual price is = Clikk here!

You can pay the fee at petrol stations.

Speed limits in Hungary

speedway = 130 km/hour
motorway = 110 km/hour
country road = 90 km/hour
in the city = 50 km/hour
Be carefull for your speed because there are many traffipax everywhere.

Other important information for drivers

Fasten your seat belts everywhere.
On speedways, motorways and country roads you have to use the head lights.


Everywhere in the centrum of Gyula and in all other towns must pay for parking place.
Looking for slot machines!
The price for parking is beettween 150 - 250 HUF/hour
You must not pay for parking at the parking place of Sporthall.

Rate of exchange

During the competition The Hungarian National Bank rates will work.

Clikk here!