I was contaminated in 1991 with the Agility virus and I am still involved in this great sport. So far I have a German Sheepdog, Groenendael and Shelties, at this time I have the pleasure of training my sheltie Witch, groenendael Ginny and my sons and other members of our club – Agility kemp.
An FCI judge for 12 years. This is the 3rd time that I am judging the Junior Championship. It is always a very great pleasure for me to officiate as judge.

In 2002 I was at the start of the first special international agility competition for juniors in Ostrava and since this time I have taken part as a teamleader or a judge in Junior Championship.

I am looking forward with plaesure and interest to what today´s youth can bring us every year.
Youth is the future and, who knows, maybe we shall see future World Champions as Adela Kralova with Baby here in Gula.

I wish you lot of success with this competition, I wish the participants a lot of pleasure, also before and after the competitions, and may the best ones win.

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Jiřina Máčkova (CZ)

Dear Competitors, Dear Friends,

It's a great pleasure for me, that this wonderful town of my
country, Gyula will host this championship, and it's a great
honour to judge there!
I wish you to spend some wonderful time in Gyula.

Dear Coaches,

I want to say thank you in advance for your work!
You prepare all these young competitors for this great
championship in you free time.
Please teach them, that having the first prize is not the most important! The most important things are  to learn the affection to the dogs and to the sports, and gain something that they will have in all their life, and help them in our rush-world.

István Szabó
Agility judge
President of Hungarian Agility Federation

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István Szabó (H)